Signing up for a touring vacation seems counterintuitive to the way most bargain hunters travel. You must stay in planned accommodation rather than searching for the best deal, and eat the same dishes as your fellow travelers rather than stumbling across out-of-the-way eateries. In short, most often you’ll find yourself sticking to the well-worn tourist […]

India is a vast country with many places begging to be explored, but few tourists ever reach some of the nation’s most breathtaking spots. The country’s deserts and mountains are not easily accessible by traditional Indian transport, but don’t let that stop you discovering them. A jeep safari is up to the challenge! The rugged […]

In Japan, sumo wrestlers earn the respect of Hollywood actors and rock stars. The sport is the oldest martial art in the country. It was originally a form of ritual dedication which asked the gods for a prosperous harvest, although in time it developed as a form of combat. Modern-day tourists can get a glimpse […]

Many coastal tourist destinations around the world invite visitors to swim with seals and dolphins, but you’ll need to travel to Tonga if you hope to swim with whales. The South Pacific nation is known as The Friendly Islands, and its humpback whales are just as genial as the natives. More than 160 of the […]

Hong Kong is famous for its towering skyscrapers and fast pace. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle, a trip to Kat O Chau may be in order. Also known as Crooked Island, this tiny isle is located in north-east Hong Kong. It’s not quite 2.5 square kilometers and home to less than […]

In Thailand farmers and craftsmen don’t take to the streets to sell their wares. They get on the water in the country’s famous floating markets. Here sellers with boats piled high with exotic fruits and vegetables, flowers, and other fresh produce meet fellow traders and barter their wares. It’s colorful and chaotic, but also great […]