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India is a vast country with many places begging to be explored, but few tourists ever reach some of the nation’s most breathtaking spots.

The country’s deserts and mountains are not easily accessible by traditional Indian transport, but don’t let that stop you discovering them. A jeep safari is up to the challenge!

The rugged jeeps are made for dealing with the varied terrain you’ll encounter in the Indian wilds. One can take on the sandy ground of the Thar Desert, and then switch gears to tackle the rocky Manali Leh route across the Himalayan Mountains.

The majestic Himalayan Mountains are the most popular place for a jeep safari. You’ll travel through rugged valleys untouched by the commercialism of India’s major centers. A highlight of your journey is Pangong Tso Lake, a high-altitude basin which serves as a summer home for many migrating birds. This serene wilderness is breathtaking, so make sure your camera is fully charged.

The Himalayan Mountains

The Himalayan Mountains

If you’d like to connect with the locals, consider traveling through Uttarakhand’s Kumaon and Garhwal regions are worth a visit. The area has small hill towns with marketplaces where you can by textiles and woolen items carefully crafted by neighborhood women, as well as homemade pickles and chutney.

If locals of a different kind pique your interest, you’ll find them at India’s remote parks. Some of the best include the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, and Sariska and Jim Corbett National Parks.

Many travelers join a camel safari tour to explore these inaccessible areas, but a jeep is much quicker, and more comfortable. Of course you’ll pay for those advantages, and the experience isn’t quite as unique, but if you have the cash to spare this is the better option for an extended journey.

The Indian landscape is unforgiving, so it’s not advisable to go it alone. You could join an organized convoy if you enjoy traveling in a group, or hire a guide if you prefer a more intimate travel experience. You may be a confident driver, but the guides know the safest traveling routes and essential travel items. Hiring a guide allows you to linger a little longer at places of interest and skip through the boring bits without feeling tied to the schedule of a group, but you’ll lose out on the social aspect.

Whatever style of jeep safari takes your fancy, a local tour company such as Peak Adventures or Ibex Expeditions can organize it. ?

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