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Europe doesn’t have the bad boy reputation of some nations in the Middle East and Asia (read this article to learn how to avoid scammers in Bangkok, Thailand). However, it’s still important for international travelers to keep their wits about them. Failure to heed our money safety tips could be a costly mistake! Violent crime […]

While tipping is an expected practice in North America, it’s less common in other parts of the world. Learning when to tip, and how much, can save you money when you’re dining abroad. We’ve already looked at tipping practices in Asia, so now we turn our focus to Europe. Europe doesn’t face the same etiquette […]

A summer getaway to a European city with stunning views and Mediterranean weather sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? And expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Forget Rome and Spain’s Basque Region; your Euros will go much further in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. Strolling about the city’s winding back alleys, its quaint museums, and majestic Gothic cathedrals, […]

With Europe’s finances in tatters, tourists around the globe are enjoying rock bottom airfares. However once you set foot on the continent you may be in for a rude shock, as many European cities are still as expensive to experience as they ever were. But you needn’t strike the continent from your vacation wish list […]

Many Northerners long for the warm weather and knockabout charm of an Australian vacation. But even with the affordable accommodation offered by Australian youth hostels, the airfares alone put a journey Down Under out of the reach of many frugal travelers. Yet you needn’t starve yourself to afford a little piece of Oz, with many […]

No continent screams luxury travel like Europe does. While it’s certainly possible to spend a small fortune on a lavish European getaway, frugal travelers needn’t abandon their dreams of a historical tour of Athens or a lazy beach holiday on the French Riviera. With a few clever choices and our insider advice you can have […]

Get the most out of your European Vacation by utilizing these FrugalMonkey Travel Tips. With budget travel being so reasonable, people are finding deal after deal that will allow them to fly overseas and enjoy a European vacation. In addition to this, travelers are enjoying better exchange rates against the dollar then there has been […]