In this modern world it seems there’s an app for just about everything. In the past we’ve looked at 10 great apps for general travel, but there are so many nifty programs that we had to revisit the topic. This time around we’re turning our focus to the best free apps for road trips. Despite […]

We’ve waxed lyrical about the fabulous Smartphone apps that make traveling much simpler, but don’t forget about your high tech cell phone’s other features. Your brand new iPhone or Android phone has many other practical perks that make it the perfect traveling companion. When you travel with a Smartphone you’ve always got a digital camera […]

As more people around the world embrace smart phones and their technology, we’re learning that apps offer more than time-wasting games and novelty programs. These handy cell phone applications can help you get the most from your vacation without connecting to the internet. And best of all, many of them are free to download! Following […]

If you already own an iPhone or iPad, you probably know that you have one of the best budget travel tools on the market. Haven’t taken the plunge and purchased your iToy yet? Not to worry. Many international tourist agencies (mostly in Europe) are renting out iPhones or iPads to help you make the most […]