Enjoy Argentina By Staying In Buenos Aires Boutique Hotels

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Buenos Aires is known for its steak, wine, tango, gauchos, gorgeous architecture, mate´ and soccer fanaticism.

It’s not surprising however, that there exists infinitely more items to add to this list as Buenos Aires becomes a hot spot on the international travel scene. Each year, more and more tourists pour into Buenos Aires to enjoy its metropolitan charm at discount prices. Aside from tourism, Buenos Aires is making a name for itself as it becomes a focal point for designers as well. Interior design, clothing design and film are starting to become as well known as some of these other Buenos Aires icons. Some of its trendier neighborhoods such as Palermo, Palermo Hollywood, Las Cañitas and Recoleta are hubs for fashion, design centers, shopping and design schools as well.

Palermo, one such neighborhood lays claim to some of Buenos Aires’ most charming streets. Shops, restaurants and boutiques litter the sidewalks in the 40 or so blocks that make up Palermo SoHo, one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods among tourists. What also has become so interesting about the area are the boutique hotels in Buenos Aires, that are so notable to this neighborhood.

Absolutely stunning boutique hotels are located all throughout Palermo SoHo. While it may cost more to stay there, the handful of rooms in the many different hotels are exquisitely decorated, charming and each offers something distinct from the others. It is an excellent choice for higher end accommodations because of the personalized service and the experience of taking part in a modern aspect of Argentine culture that is starting to pulse stronger than ever.

You simply must check out the boutique hotels when traveling to Argentina. Even if It’s just to see how Buenos Aires is molding into a modern and fashionably forward city, the architecture, design and beauty of the hotels in Palermo SoHo won’t disappoint.

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