Vietnam is a safe and friendly country, but its unique culture can come as a shock to foreign travelers. As with entering any country, it’s important to be sensitive of these customs and do your best to fit in. The advice you’ll find here will help you avoid making any embarrassing faux pas. Friendliness is […]

Vietnam is rarely a vacation destination associated with luxury, but Nam Hai Villas in Hoi An is doing its best to change all that. You’ll find the one-bedroom villas on a 32-hectare property in Central Vietnam. Tranquil China Beach borders one side of the resort, and the Cham Islands are just a stone’s throw away. […]

The busy markets of Asian nations like Thailand and Vietnam are a mecca for bargain shoppers, but the culture shock of bargaining can scare some foreign tourists. The process won’t be so daunting if you follow these simple tips. It’s good to get a feel for the markets before you commit to your first purchase. […]

Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi, is a rich shopping mecca, offering opportunities for luxury lovers and bargain hunters alike. Known as the Paris of the Orient, this Vietnamese city specializes in fashions and homewares. The Old Quarter is the hub of Hanoi’s shopping district with its modern malls and traditional markets. If your time is limited […]

Backpackers hoping to enjoy the real Asia without the frills should definitely consider a trip to Vietnam. The country’s tourism industry is relatively new, so it offers visitors a more authentic experience than many Asian nations. These are also not publicized as well as they might be in other countries, so a Vietnam guidebook is […]

Vietnam attracts visitors drawn to its rich history and magnificent natural vistas. But there’s a different side to the Asian nation, a tropical paradise just off Vietnam’s south-east coastline. Vinpearl Land on Hon Tre Island is thought to be one of Asia’s best keep secrets, a coastal tourism complex which makes the most of stunning […]

Women in the West enjoy many freedoms not experienced by girls in many global destinations. While this shouldn’t deter female travelers from exploring exotic locales such as Vietnam, girls should follow a few simple rules to ensure they stay safe and have fun on their Asian vacation. Vietnamese women dress modestly, and tourists should try […]

If you want to see the real Vietnam, forget the tour buses and get on your bike! While the motorized excursions zoom through the countryside on the way to major tourist centers, an eco-friendly cycling journey allows you to stop and smell the paddy fields. As cycling is the locals main form of transportation, it’s […]