How to Stay Safe in Vietnam | A Guide For Female Travelers

in Vietnam

Women in the West enjoy many freedoms not experienced by girls in many global destinations.

While this shouldn’t deter female travelers from exploring exotic locales such as Vietnam, girls should follow a few simple rules to ensure they stay safe and have fun on their Asian vacation.

Vietnamese women dress modestly, and tourists should try to do the same. Wearing tight or skimpy clothes may be seen as provocative, and a sign that you do not respect local culture. Instead, choose conservative clothes that are relatively loose fitting and comfortable to wear. When visiting holy places and national monuments, female tourists should dress even more sedately. When stopping by these significant cultural spots, it’s customary to cover both arms and legs, even in warm weather.

Vietnamese men are not accustomed to women enjoying the independence of female travelers from Western countries. When dealing with them, it’s important to be inconspicuous, yet assertive. Do not be confrontational, but do be firm and confident. As most Vietnamese women do not travel alone, you are likely to be a source of interest and curiosity to the country’s men. They are likely to ask questions about your home, your family, and even your marital status. If the attention of these men is unwarranted, you may consider telling a small lie about an imaginary husband. It’s also important to consider that some Vietnamese men may interpret eye contact as a sexual invitation. Wearing sunglasses to disguise your eyes helps to prevent this confusion.

As with traveling to any unfamiliar countries, you should also undertake basic precautions. Leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted friend or relative, and contact them at regular intervals. Be aware of your luggage and other bags at all times, and never leave them unattended. Most vacation spots in Vietnam are considered safe for travelers, although pick-pocketing is rife in tourist centers and Ho Chi Minh City has a problem with bag snatching. As a precaution, consider staying at up market hotels and always lock valuables in their safes.

Be alert and aware and sensitive of your surroundings, and you will enjoy your vacation in Vietnam.

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