Mendoza Wine Tasting

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Argentina is famous for its meat, wine, tango, sports, and of course, their beautiful women. For any one of these reasons, coupled with the country’s gorgeous scenery, vacationers will find a wealth of travel opportunities in Argentina’s South American backyard.

City lovers find they can spend months in Buenos Aires and still not see it all. Others travel to the north and see the gorgeous Iguazu waterfalls or venture south and enjoy the glaciers of Patagonia and hiking near Torres del Paine. Any of these Argentine vacations is worth the ten or so hours you spend on a plane getting there, and with the favorable exchange rate (nearly four to one) budget travelers can enjoy doing as much as they like, but end up spending very little. If you have the opportunity to visit Argentina, each of these vacations is well worth the trip and, if you can somehow fit each of them in, all the better.

FrugalMonkey’s destination guide for Argentina lists each of these destinations with a full a complete profile on each of these incredible locations. Find out when and where to go, where to stay, and some background and historical information on each.

There is one very special place we think all travelers should visit and it lies to the northeast of Buenos Aires in Mendoza, Argentina. Mendoza wine country is famous around the world for turning out some of South America’s best red wines. One grape in particular, the Malbec, grows in abundance in Mendoza and is now a top favorite among wine experts globally. It is now currently being exported around the world as one of the top wine producing regions. Along with an incredible wine country in Mendoza you will also find a great deal of adventure. Mendoza is known for its white water rafting, hiking, and rock climbing excursions located just outside the city borders.

To find out more about Mendoza wine tours available from this top class wine producing city, see our pages on Argentina travel and Mendoza. One of our favorite bottles it the Los Alamos Malbec, an export you can now find in local grocery stores around the US. Find out more about Mendoza and the wine tours available for travelers once you get there with FrugalMonkey’s comprehensive section on Mendoza and Argentine wine.


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