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Using travel providers like Expedia and Orbitz is a great way to find cheap and affordable web deals. But here, we’re showing you another way to find the week’s best travel deals through a resource we use often when trying to hunt down our favorite bargains: TravelZoo is like Expedia and Orbitz except they aren’t a travel provider—they are a publisher of deals. They release a weekly newsletter to over 17 million subscribers, highlighting travel deals that their company has uniquely architected with businesses such as Avis Rental Car, British Airways, and Royal Caribbean Cruises. It is a great place to get one-of-a-kind deals that you won’t find published on any other travel sites. The only catch is, you have to login and subscribe to their newsletter or accessing the direct link to their deals can be difficult to find, and sadly, they do release email addresses to solicitors. Still, it’s a great way for travelers to find excellent deals at budget friendly prices if you’re willing to deal with a number of other associated emails that will now be found in your inbox. If you’re willing and wanting to find some really great deals, give it a try!

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