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Visitors to New Zealand need only remember one name when seeking travel advice: i-SITE. i-SITE is New Zealand’s official network of tourist information centers. More than 80 i-SITEs scattered around the North and South Islands are dedicated to providing advice about local attractions, accommodation options, and transport. Best of all, the service is completely free […]

You’ve probably spent some time scouring the Internet looking for web deals and specials, but here at FrugalMonkey we have it all in one place! Take a look at some of the resources available on the site. Each and everyone of them makes travel planning interesting, easy, and fun! We even have destination guides to […]

Everyone is always looking for the best travel deals, and we found one incredible travel tip that is just too, amazing not to share. A recent flight study showed that after holidays (Fourth of July, Labor Day, etc.) that flight prices drop significantly. It’s easy to see why. With so many people booking travel on […]

Online travel shoppers are getting pretty spoiled. With so many deals available due to the lull in the economy, it seems like all the chips are with the consumer. Beware! This isn’t always the case. Many online travel sites like Expedia and even airlines like American Airlines have travel policies like awarding travelers free flights […]