Avoiding Tourist Scams in Bangkok – Traps for Travellers in Thailand

in Thailand

Bangkok is a wonderful tourist destination, with plenty to see and and welcoming people. There’s great Thai food in Bangkok too (as you might imagine).

But just like so many thriving vacation spots, there are scams designed to dupe unwitting international tourist. So keep your wits about you and look out for the following schemes.

Plan your trip, and don’t let anyone divert you from your path. Dishonest taxi drivers might tell you a local attraction is closed, giving a plausible story about repairs or religious holidays. They are likely to tempt you with an alternate spot, such as the famed but non-existent Lucky Buddhist Temple. But you should not give in. Politely leave the cab, and flag down the next one. While they may be telling the truth, it’s much better to find yourself at the entrance of a closed attraction than scammed by a cheat.

Some gift stores claim to be government sponsored, in an attempt to seem more trustworthy. Many go to great lengths with this charade, even hiring uniformed guards to stand around the store. But this too is a scam. The government does not sponsor any retail outlets, so don’t fall prey to this lie.Global Travel Image

While shopping for bargains in Thailand, also keep a look out for scam teams. They will spin a tale about a great sale at a store, which is of course ending today. They’ll approach you systematically as you roam the Bangkok streets, and even in your hotel, but do not believe their story. The sale is simply a ruse designed to fleece you for more money.

And of course, don’t do anything in Bangkok that you would do at home. Don’t accept rides from strangers, walk alone late at night, or frequent areas that “just don’t feel right.” Keep your wits about you and you’ll have a fabulous time in Thailand’s capital.

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