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Take your next winter vacation in Argentina and enjoy amazing skiing.

For your next winter trip, think about going skiing in Argentina. Argentina is home to two of the most famous mountain ranges for skiing in all of South America. The first is Cerro Catedral in Bariloche and the other is in Las Leñas just west of Mendoza, Argentina.

Both are known for their spectacular views and amazing open ski ranges. Since the mountains reside above the tree level most of the skiing is wide open with hundreds of runs sloping down the Argentine countryside with nothing in your way except miles of soft powder.

One of the largest benefits to going skiing in South America is that if you’re a skiing fanatic, you get to enjoy an amazing winter vacation during the North American summer. Unless you live below the equator, the Argentine winter takes place during the summer months up north. This means that you don’t have to wait six months for the weather to turn around, but you can be skiing in South America instead of sweating it out during a dry and deserted summer. It’s an excellent time to take advantage of low flight prices into South America since it is low season for traveling. It is also a great time to avoid crowded summer vacation spots up north and enjoy the cooler weather. South American skiing is also well known for its small town charm. While both Cerro Catedral and Las Leñas are two of the most famous mountain ranges in South America, the towns that inhabit these amazing slopes are very laid back. You won’t have to worry about high prices and resort style costs when you visit Argentina for a ski trip. Instead you can enjoy the laid back atmosphere of both Bariloche and Las Leñas. Bariloche is known for its amazing Swiss chocolates and small town pubs while Las Leñas lays claim to some of the most beautiful northern countryside in all of Argentina.

If winter is your favorite season and skiing a favorite sport, then look into cheap flight prices and hotel deals in Argentina for the upcoming winter months down South.

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