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Take your next winter vacation in Argentina and enjoy amazing skiing. For your next winter trip, think about going skiing in Argentina. Argentina is home to two of the most famous mountain ranges for skiing in all of South America. The first is Cerro Catedral in Bariloche and the other is in Las Leñas just […]

If you’re trying to imagine the perfect vacation think about taking a trip to Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, Argentina is making a huge name for itself on the international travel scene. Nicknamed the ‘Paris of the South’ its gorgeous architecture, beautiful take on the Spanish Language, Tango and of course steak and red wine will […]

Learn some tips and tools of the trade about teaching English in order to extend your trip abroad. FrugalMonkey is dedicated to showing you how to travel cheaply, take advantage or find cheap travel deals as well as learn how you can extend your stay by working abroad. Our advice is basically derived from the […]