Remember Mahatma Gandhi at India’s Free Museums

in India

While vacationing in India, it’s worth paying tribute to the “Father of the Nation,” the country’s peace-loving leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Stop for a moment in Delhi to pay your respects at Gandhi Smriti, the site of Gandhi’s assassination. Gandhi lived here from September 1947 until his untimely death in January 1948. It’s free to step inside and view his few personal effects, the prayer ground where he led a congregation every evening, and the statues and paintings created to honor his memory.

Nearby Raj Ghat is Gandhi’s final resting place. A headstone with his last words, “Hey Ram,” or “Oh God” marks Gandhi’s cremated remains, along with a flame which burns eternally. Major ceremonies to remember Gandhi take place here on his birthday, October 2, and January 30, the day of his death and Martyr’s Day. If you can’t time your visit for one of these dates, you can attend the one of the ceremonies held every Friday.

Across the road from the memorial you’ll find The Gandhi Memorial Museum. This free museum houses many key artifacts, including the gun and bullets used during Gandhi’s assassination, the shawl and dhoti he wore during his last moments, and one of his walking sticks. In addition to the museum’s permanent collection, it also showcases traveling exhibitions concerning India’s history and peace movements.

Mani Bhavan in Mumbai is another fantastic free museum for Gandhi enthusiasts. Gandhi stayed in this historic building whenever he visited Mumbai between 1917 and 1934. See the room where he slept, and the terrace where he was arrested for sedition in 1932.

Mahatma Gandhi may be gone, but so long as tourists continue to visit these important Indian museums and sites he’ll never be forgotten.

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