How to Enjoy Hawaii

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FrugalMonkey wants you to be able to enjoy your Hawaiian vacation as best you can, so here is some great information on the Islands.

Hawaii brings in lots of travelers who are there simply to enjoy the surf and the sand.

But there are plenty of outdoors activities that involve more than just sunning yourself on the shores. Although, we do suggest taking in some sun – it is Hawaii after all! But when you peel yourself off your beach towel think about some of the Big Islands’ more adventurous activities. Hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, ATV rides and sea kayaking are just to name a few of the seemingly endless outdoors adventure activities you can take part in while you’re on your Hawaiian vacation. These activities aren’t just for the fun of it either. Activities such as these are an exciting way to take in the island’s sites and sounds. Take in waterfalls from horseback, ride through the brush on ATV’s or sea kayak around to shores that you would otherwise not be able to see. It’s best to think of Hawaii of an outdoor play land rather than just some pretty beaches. FrugalMonkey thinks you’ll be convinced when you’re being lowered into a shark cage off of North Shore after parasailing earlier in the morning.

For a more laid back kind of fun check out the many options to golf in Hawaii. The Big Island has a slew of golf courses with Mauna Kea Golf Course offering a challenging par 72 that even the best professionals get caught up in. Maui, too, has several golf courses, perfect for an early morning away from the kids or a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends. Nearly every larger island in Hawaii has amazing golfing options with seaside views and genuine challenges. It’s hard to argue that the golf in Hawaii is anything but the perfect addition to any Hawaiian vacation.

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