Fly to Greece this summer and enjoy an incredible last minute island vacation. Flights from the US to Greece have historically been pretty expensive. Although, for last minute travelers, there are some incredible deals. While it might be hard to pinpoint exactly which type of Grecian vacation you want to enjoy (island vacations,  hiking by […]

Are you thinking about a Mediterranean vacation? Nothing says vacationing in the warm waters of the Mediterranean more then Greece. And no trip to Greece is complete without traveling to Crete. Crete is Greece’s largest island and possibly its most popular destination spot among travelers. FrugalMonkey’s entire section on Crete, Greece means all the information […]

FrugalMonkey wants you to be able to enjoy your Hawaiian vacation as best you can, so here is some great information on the Islands. Hawaii brings in lots of travelers who are there simply to enjoy the surf and the sand. But there are plenty of outdoors activities that involve more than just sunning yourself […]

Wine connoisseurs and those who simply love a good wine are in heaven when traveling to South Africa. The wide selection of different wine flavors and wine regions mean an excellent variety of locations and tastes when visiting South Africa. There are literally hundreds of wineries scattered throughout the Western and Eastern Cape of South […]

Ever thought of visiting the Hawaiian Islands?  Traveling to Hawaii to experience the most tropical of the United States has become somewhat of a time-honored tradition for US citizens. The ability to access exotic tropical weather, gorgeous beaches, SCUBA diving, exquisite golf courses, remote islands, lava fields, amazing restaurants and breathtaking hikes without having to […]

Many people look into renting a carwhile traveling because it offers the freedom to move about from place to place without having to use taxis, buses or other more inconvenient ways of getting around a new place. It also lets you explore a new location at your own speed and on your own time. It […]