Traditional Pekingese Dining at Hong Kong’s American Restaurant

in Hong Kong

Don’t let the name of Hong Kong’s American Restaurant confuse you. This Wanchai eatery offers some of the country’s best traditional Pekingese dishes, and they don’t come with a serving of fries.

Since opening its doors after the Second World War, American Restaurant has become a beloved institution.

In an ever-changing dining landscape it remains unchanged, and that’s just what the regular patrons love about it.

There are many of those regular patrons that fill the restaurant with a happy buzz no matter the season or time of day. That makes it ideal for a celebration, but not the best choice if you’re planning a romantic dinner for two. It’s advisable to call in advance for a reservation, particularly if you have a large party.

American Restaurant serves up the Asian equivalent of tapas, meals that are designed to be shared amongst those at your table. The dishes are affordably priced between HKD70 and 300, depending upon their size. Foreign diners should have no problem ordering as English menus are provided; the most challenging thing can be deciding what you’ll have! When in doubt you can’t go wrong with the barbecued Peking duck or sizzling Szechuan chili prawns.

American Restaurant is located at 20 Lockhart Road, Wanchai. It’s open daily from 11 am to 11 pm.

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