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Fly to Greece this summer and enjoy an incredible last minute island vacation. Flights from the US to Greece have historically been pretty expensive. Although, for last minute travelers, there are some incredible deals. While it might be hard to pinpoint exactly which type of Grecian vacation you want to enjoy (island vacations,  hiking by the lakes in the north, seeing the monuments, or shopping in the cities), first consider a few FrugalMonkey tips on flying to Greece.

When most people travel to Greece they arrive in Athens. If you’re using your FrugalMonkey advice, then you’re searching for discount flights on travel sites like Expedia and Orbitz. Be sure when they recommend a flight ‘near’ Athens that it actually makes sense for your vacation. Some of their recommendations will place you on islands where your only other choice for Athens is an expensive and slow ferry, or another expensive flight. Book direct!

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