Cruise Down Li River in China

in China

While China is known for its fast-paced urban cities, that’s not all this Asian nation has to offer.

For a more relaxed experience make sure you set aside some time to boat down the Li River, or Lijiang River as it is sometimes known. Cruising from Guilin to Yangshuo is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of the Guangxi Province.

The journey gives you a taste of a different side of China, one far removed from the vibrant metropolises of Beijing and Shanghai. You’ll drift past peasants enjoying a simpler way of life, tending their rice paddies and floating about on bamboo rafts. The scenery too is spectacular, from the stunning Karst peaks to the mysterious caves. Keep your eyes peeled for wandering water buffalo and fishing cormorants.

The 52-mile journey takes around seven to eight hours. It can be done in a day, and companies including Great Wall Tours and Yes China Tour do just that.

Li River in Guilin, China photo

The Li River in Guilin, China

However other tour operators including Lychee Travel and China Odyssey Tours take a little more time and enjoy the journey at a more leisurely pace.

These longer tours generally include an overnight stopover at Yangshuo. While the center of this small town features modern restaurants and shopping opportunities, the quaint rural villages show a different side to the area. These tours also often make stops at various points of interest on the river passage, including the Elephant Trunk Hill, Yao Mountain, and Solitary Beauty Peak. While the extended tours are more expensive than day trips, they also include accommodation and more meals.

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