When to be Wary of Travel Deals

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It pays to be a smart consumer. Or does it? Perhaps we mean you will pay less if you’re a smart consumer.

At least that’s the case when it comes to travel deals online. Travel sites love to project amazing travel deals that will get you around the world and to incredible locations for just pennies. Like this one deal, advertised by Green Earth Travel that suggested one person could travel to Ireland for only $399. However, when travel experts tried to book that flight the trip rang in at amounts closer to $2,300! The deal presented online was for a flight to Ireland in December or January (keep in mind you’d be enjoying temperatures on an average of 50F as the high and would be traveling during Ireland’s wettest season).  You would also have to travel from Boston and share a hotel room with four other people in order to find trip fares that low! Which brings us to our point: be wary of travel deals. Not every advertised ‘deal’ will get you the trip you’re looking for.

On FrugalMonkey you will only find airfares and vacations that accurately represent a real trip. It’s our travel guarantee so that you can rest assured that you will never have to be wary when read about travel deals on FrugalMonkey.

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