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Summer travelers, consider setting your vacation sites on the southern hemisphere where residents are bundling up for winter, instead of applying sunscreen and heading for the beach.

One great way to save money while traveling is by flying to countries and locations that are currently in their “low” or “off” seasons for travel. This generally means hotels, car rentals, excursions and even flight prices are lower than normal. We found three great vacation destinations that you can enjoy, both for their low prices during the off-season and for their excellent activities for travelers.

Australia has experienced a lull in tourism due to the slowing economy in addition to the weakening Australian dollar. Right now, flights to Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth are at an all time low, making it the perfect chance to experience an Australian vacation. Because of Australia’s location in the southern hemisphere it is currently winter, the slowest season for tourism in Australia. This combination means that hotels and vacation packages are even lower than traditional industry prices making it a great international vacation destination for families, couples or individuals on a budget. Take tour of the Australian outback for hundreds cheaper than you would during a December vacation and enjoy cultural highlights in Sydney and Brisbane that aren’t weather dependent. Australia’s climate is so temperate in fact, that on any given day you might catch enough good weather for a dip in the ocean. Scuba diving and snorkeling is year round – especially with the help of wet suits.

Our next great southern hemisphere cheap vacation is in Argentina, where winter prices make traveling extra affordable. Traveling within Argentina is already affordable due to favorable exchange rates and with such a large geography travelers can enjoy wine tasting in Mendoza, skiing in Bariloche or Las Lenas and shopping in Buenos Aires all in one great vacation. Argentina is also very close to Uruguay, Brazil and Chile three other excellent (and affordable) South American vacations to take this winter. Look for cheap flights and hotel deals online as well as in our section on Argentine travel.

South Africa
Last but certainly not least comes South Africa, where travel prices are dropping to the lowest figures in years. While South Africa is a popular beach destination is also has a number of fun activities that are not only enjoyable during all sorts of weather but are also considerably cheaper this time of year. We’ve recently had our eye on some amazing South African safari deals, which take you in the rugged wilderness surrounding South Africa’s metropolitan cities. Weather stays fairly temperate all year round and animals are more active on cooler days than very hot ones. You can also enjoy wine tasting in South Africa and a number of cultural events in Cape Town or Johannesburg. With cheap hotels in South Africa, along with outings like safaris – take a budget vacation to an incredible and exotic place.

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