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In recent years political groups, scientists, non-profit organizations, and industrial giants have begun to take a closer look at how their actions impact the world. The same is true for travelers.

This green movement has swept into the travel industry with an environmentally friendly travel ideal called ecotourism. As travelers become savvy to the ideas of green travel, more and more people are beginning to understand the importance of sustainable tourism and traveling green.

FrugalMonkey recently launched a new section dedicated to the ideals of green travel. To learn more about the history and details of ecotourism, be sure to read the section. Here we discuss some of the incredible destinations and vacations you can take, while still following eco-friendly ideals.

Eco tours and eco vacations are those vacations that take a clear effort to have a minimal impact on the environment. An eco vacation is one where you visit a remote location while taking pains to leave no negative impacts on the area around you.  It can also be a vacation that is focused on the educational aspects of sustainable tourism. Eco vacations are becoming more and more popular as the environment takes center stage around the world. Now, you can even take an environmentally friendly cruise! Whatever your vacation plans are, consider where you are going and how tourism has used, abused, or improved the nature of that area. This is a key issue and travelers around the world want to be sure that the places they see today, their children can visit in ten years!

The following are a couple of destinations where eco-consciousness travelers can enjoy an environmentally sound vacation.

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. People flock to this tropical paradise to experience the lap of luxury in one of the world’s most gorgeous landscapes. Costa Rica’s rich backdrop of wildlife and nature is owed largely to the local government’s actions to nationally protect a large portion of the land. While a number of other countries have ignored the protection their natural resources demand, Costa Rica has shown the world that tourism can work for a country, not against it.

Take and eco tour in Costa Rica and find out what we mean!

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Another great place to visit this summer and experience an environmentally friendly vacation is Alaska. If you’ve followed our blog for any amount of time you probably know that we’re nuts about Alaska! Take a look at the enormous list of eco tours in Alaska that we feature on the page and choose one for the ultimate summer experience. Keep an eye out of travel deals to Alaska! You know we’ll be throwing some your way soon.

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