Labor Day Stalls Travel Deals

in Travel News

It happens almost anytime there is an expected peak in travel. With so many people taking off for the Labor Day weekend, there has been a lull in recently lowered travel prices. Flights are full, so discounted seats are few. Everyone is hitting the road and as a result, gas prices are up.

However, one enjoyable travel discount appears to remain and that can be found in lowered hotel rates and vacation package prices. Be sure to take the time and hunt down a good hotel deal for this weekend and enjoy at least one part of the Labor Day weekend that hasn’t momentarily rebounded from the traveling lull.

Be sure to keep an eye out for travel deals following the Labor Day weekend. Fall is the slowest time for the travel industry, and with so many people traveling this weekend there are sure to be some great last minute travel deals approaching for the following weeks! We’ll keep you updated as they come in. For now, happy travels!

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