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With flight prices on the rise and areas dependent on tourist revenue trying to recuperate costs during this economic downtown, it can be hard to find travel deals. If you’re hankering for an adventure but only have a limited budget, have no fear. There are still many deals to be had, you just have to know where to look. In general, it is easier to find deals if you are somewhat flexible in terms of possible travel dates or are up for a last minute trip. The key is staying aware of what’s out there and booking when the time is right (i.e. least expensive).

To help you find the best travel deals on the web, here is our “frugal guide” to vacation shopping online. Our advice: use these sites as a good starting point for your research. Take a look at all of them to see what kinds of deals are out there are then, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, start to filter your searches by location and price. #1 in Travel Deals (

OneTravel offers comprehensive search engines for domestic and international flights, hotels, car rentals and package sites. A great feature on their site for bargain hunters is the “featured deals” section where you can choose between various categories on the drop-down menu (flights under $200, travel by theme, travel coupons, etc.). Top travel news, featured destinations and travel deals are publicized on in daily blog posts.

Travel Zoo: The Travel Experts (

Travel Zoo helps frugal travelers located reasonably priced flights, vacation packages, car rentals and accommodations in the continental U.S. and abroad. Their “local deals” section is perfect for quick, inexpensive getaways in your region. They also specialize in cruise deals in Mexico and the Caribbean.

San Juan, Puerto Rico (

Hotwire allows thrifty travelers to search their comprehensive flight, vacation package, car rental and hotel databases. Many people are away of Hotwire’s unconventional hotel booking system. If you aren’t here’s how it works. You enter the city in which you’d like to book a hotel room (depending on the city, Hotwire might ask you to enter a neighborhood as well). Then, Hotwire shows you the available hotels in that area. Sounds pretty standard, right? Here’s the specifics: although Hotwire tells you the number of stars the property has been rated and the basic amenities, it does not tell you the hotel name until after you pay. I have known many people who have booked hotels using Hotwire and most have been pleasantly surprised by the value. (

Priceline has many resources for frugal travelers, including thousands of listings for hotel, car, vacation packages, rentals, and activities. Check out the last minute “pricebreaker deals” for flights and vacation packages that are reduced up to 70%. The “name your own price” feature is good for thrifty travelers who are flexible in terms of travel dates and itinerary. Essentially, you set your price for flights, hotels and car rental (or any combination thereof) and the “negotiator” search engine presents you with a  variety of options. Similar to, some of the hotels and airlines are not named until after you pay.

Vayama: International Travel Solved (

If you’re looking for international travel deals, head to Vayama. Their flight, hotel, car and “travel extras” (tours, etc.) search engines will help you discover what’s out there and narrow down your choices based on price. Since they have always focused specifically on international travel, Vayama has a variety of resources and connections to help you get great deals in exotic international destinations.

Happy deal hunting!

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