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Recently, a friend who spent a year WWOOFing through Europe told me about a unique transportation option he chose to use during his time in France, Peugeot’s “buy back” program. A decidedly frugal traveler, he had researched several rental options before determining that Auto Europe’s Peugeot “Buy Back” Program (i.e. literally buying a brand new Peugeot to use during his time in France) would suit his needs the best. Sound intriguing? Read on.

Renting a car is a great transportation option while traveling. It allows you the flexibility to discover your destination at your own pace. For some locations, renting a car is the only way to see everything you want to see during your stay. Granted, renting a car for your entire trip can become rather expensive. […]

With flight prices on the rise and areas dependent on tourist revenue trying to recuperate costs during this economic downtown, it can be hard to find travel deals. If you’re hankering for an adventure but only have a limited budget, have no fear. There are still many deals to be had, you just have to […]

You may be flying  to visit relatives, or taking a flight for a nice long weekend of camping. Perhaps you live in a city and simply need to rent a car long enough to escape for Labor Day weekend. Regardless of why, rental car demand spikes during weekends that are popular for travel and that […]

When you’re vacationing its common to need a rental car. Taking taxis gets too expensive, buses aren’t convenient enough and flying isn’t practical for shorter distances. The only problem is that car rental costs can go through the roof – especially for longer vacations. FrugalMonkey explains just how to find car rental deals and vacation […]

There are a lot of ways to save on travel: booking your trip ahead of time, booking flights through online auction sites, by traveling as an Air Courier, by finding promotional codes and by utilizing air miles from credit cards. However, you can save up to 30% on your entire travel costs by booking hotel […]

When you’re booking your Greece vacation, flights to see an old college buddy, ski trip or even camping trip, use one simple tool that will save you hundreds on flights and hotels. On some occasions, by searching for promotion codes you can save up to 50% on flights, vacation packages and car rentals. It is […]

Many people look into renting a carwhile traveling because it offers the freedom to move about from place to place without having to use taxis, buses or other more inconvenient ways of getting around a new place. It also lets you explore a new location at your own speed and on your own time. It […]