Beware of the Fine Print

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Online travel shoppers are getting pretty spoiled. With so many deals available due to the lull in the economy, it seems like all the chips are with the consumer. Beware! This isn’t always the case.

Many online travel sites like Expedia and even airlines like American Airlines have travel policies like awarding travelers free flights if they can find a cheaper deal. Others include refunds on trips if a traveler wants to book that same vacation at a cheaper price with another carrier. Although this seems very customer friendly, the truth is that within the fine print there are some serious regulations. Expedia for instance requires that you make your claim within 24 hours of booking if you find a better flight and American Airlines’ cut off is midnight that same day. While there are some sites that offer more time, like Orbitz, Kayak, and Hotwire, keep in mind that your free for all purchasing might not equal the savings you have in mind.

Keep an eye out for regulations that might back you into a corner. You don’t want to get stuck with a more expensive flight then you’re willing to pay. As a general rule, we recommend booking only when you’re sure you want to travel, especially when it comes to luxury or family vacations. Remember, offers might not include cancellation refunds and have other strict regulations, so be a wise shopper.

For a full list of cheap travel sites, like Kayak and Orbitz, see the FrugalMonkey Travel Deals page.

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