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Visit Alaska and make money by working the Alaskan Fishing Industry!

Travel in Alaska is becoming more and more popular. Each year hundreds of people are flocking by car, bus, train, plane and cruise to visit one of the most breathtaking sites in the United States.

Alaska is world famous for its gorgeous and wild beauty. Each year, Alaska sees more and more tourists who visit to experience the beauty and untamed wilderness, firsthand. Alaska however, is famous for more than just being the beautiful backdrop for Jack London novels and a popular vacation spot for tourists. It is also, world famous for its fishing industry, which produces much of the world’s fish and crab.  The Alaskan fishing industry has gained a lot of popularity among college students on summer break as an excellent way to travel the great state and to make great summer salaries.

Working the fishing industry in Alaska can sometimes mean thousands of dollars earned over the course of just a few months. Additionally, you don’t need any experience to work in the fishing industry because boats and onshore processors need a large work force each year and are willing to train. Aside from making good money as a processor, college students return year after year, working their way up to positions as deckhands and offshore fisherman – positions that earn workers even larger salaries.

The summer fishing industry in Alaska is a great way to earn a lot of money and experience travel in a state that has a lot to offer visitors in the summer.

Instead of paying thousands of visit, you can earn thousands and see parts of Alaska tourists never get a chance to see. Many companies will hire employees for summer and pay a portion of travel costs in addition to the cost of living. This means the money you earn working as a deckhand or onshore processor is money in your pocket! Seasonal work is also available for more than just summer employees, with a large handful of jobs that are available year round.

If you’re a college student who wants to travel for the summer but still needs to earn money, the Alaskan fishing industry is an excellent place to look. Or, if you’re simply interested in fishing in Alaska, check out FRUGALMONKEY’s entire travel guide on Alaskan tourism. Regardless of the reason, Alaska has a lot to offer any traveler eager to be and experience the great outdoors.

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