Check out this week’s affordable travel advice by FrugalMonkey! As summer approaches and school ends, what is largely considered the best time of the year to travel is upon us. So how you can you make your travel dreams come true without overspending on your travel budget? FrugalMonkey is here to share with you some […]

With summer right around the corner now is the perfect time to solidify your summer work plans. In fact, perhaps you should consider working in one of the best summer job scenarios of your life and procure a resort job during your break from school or for seasonal employment. Although when most people think about […]

Visit Alaska and make money by working the Alaskan Fishing Industry! Travel in Alaska is becoming more and more popular. Each year hundreds of people are flocking by car, bus, train, plane and cruise to visit one of the most breathtaking sites in the United States. Alaska is world famous for its gorgeous and wild […]

Learn some tips and tools of the trade about teaching English in order to extend your trip abroad. FrugalMonkey is dedicated to showing you how to travel cheaply, take advantage or find cheap travel deals as well as learn how you can extend your stay by working abroad. Our advice is basically derived from the […]