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It’s all about hotel deals this Labor Day. Although travelers are snatching up some incredible flight prices and packages, the real deals are being found in lower than low hotel rates. Check out some of our favorite Labor Day hotel deals this year – it’s all about the big cities! Check out Los Angeles this […]

Hotels and lodging consistently remain one of the largest costs for vacationers while traveling. Purchasing rooms can come at a high price especially when you’re trying to book hotels in resort towns like Hawaii, Mexico or the popularly traveled Caribbean. Traveling outside of the country for long vacations means booking a hotel in South Africa […]

It isn’t very surprising that the current swine flu outbreak has crippled the Mexican economy and tourism industry. Even though most health concerns about travel into the area have subsided, the already slow economy has slowed even further when it comes to Mexican vacations. The silver lining to this economic Mexican mess? That right now […]