At 2507 kilometers long The Ganges, which stretches from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal, is nowhere near as long as the Nile, the Amazon, or the Mississippi.  But its might comes from a much deeper place. The river is regarded as the lifeblood of India, a water source which gives the Asian nation […]

The Northern Territory is a place that’s not for the faint of heart. It’s an Australian stereotype come to life, with scorching sun, the unforgiving deserts of The Outback, and nasties lurking around every corner. If the snakes don’t get you, the crocs just might. If that thought doesn’t terrify you, you might be a […]

It’s got a reputation for sun, surf, and sand, but there’s more to Fiji than its coastal allure. The island nation is also home to thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest. While bush walking is always an option, Fiji’s zip trekking tours provide an experience that’s just a little different. Zip trekking lifts you up […]

No trip to China would be complete without visiting The Great Wall, a man-made marvel regarded as one of the great wonders of the world. Known as Changcheng, or long wall, to the locals, the Great Wall travels for some 6700 kilometers following the southern edge of inner Mongolia. In its journey it stretches through […]