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Many of the posts on this site focus on frugal travel tips or ways to save money at certain destinations. The aim of this post is a bit different: to help frugal travelers identify certain a philosophy/philosophies can guide their overall travel habits (including trip planning, trip enjoyment, and trip sharing). Many portions of these three philosophies also pertain to life in general. Enjoy!

Take an eco tour in Kenya this fall and nail yourself a truly unique and exciting vacation. Kenya has one of the riches bio diverse regions in the world when it comes to African wildlife and ecotourism has recently become a big focus there. Kenyans understand the value of their country’s natural resources and wildlife […]

We love travel lists. Best Places to Visit, Best Cities for Camping, Best Waterfall Hikes, things of that nature. So we thought we would point out a favorite list of our own: the Most Eco-friendly Cities list! On this FrugalMonkey page you will find the United State’s top environmentally friendly cities. If you’re simply interested […]

Are you on the ecotourism band wagon? Do you want to find out how you can travel green, and the types of vacations you can take in order to really contribute to the ecotourism effort? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then take some time to peruse FrugalMonkey’s new ecotourism section […]

Interested in learning more about going green? Want to learn about ecotourism ideals, vacations, and hot spots around the world? Then check out our new section on ecotourism. Green travel is becoming increasingly important for vacationers. Protecting and conserving the places we visit is an important part in preserving the world for our children to […]

It seems that everyone is doing their part to travel more responsibly. Visiting new places and being environmentally conscious about how you travel is a new term coined ‘green travel’. It essentially applies to the ideals of ecotourism; a way for people to travel that is safe for the environment. On our tips for traveling […]

These days, it’s all about being green. This is especially true for travelers who are finding environmentally friendly ways to visit new places so their actions won’t hurt or impact the planet. In our new section on green travel we outline some of the hottest topics surrounding sustainable tourism and talk about ways in which […]

Traveling green is becoming of more and more concern to environmentally conscious travelers. Learning about ecotourism and the ways in which it can help sustain the world’s best travel destinations, like Machu Picchu, is part of a growing trend that helps educate travelers about how tourism can have both a positive and negative effect on […]

When most people think about ‘going green’ they don’t think much about how it relates to travel. What these people don’t know is that traveling and thinking ‘green’ are closely related. The travel industry has been taking larger and larger steps toward educating the backpacker and traveling community about how to be a better and […]