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Interested in learning more about going green? Want to learn about ecotourism ideals, vacations, and hot spots around the world? Then check out our new section on ecotourism.

Green travel is becoming increasingly important for vacationers.

Protecting and conserving the places we visit is an important part in preserving the world for our children to enjoy. Take Machu Picchu for example – the wear and tear these ancient ruins experience due to tourism each year is ruining this ancient relic.

So much mismanagement has occurred in regards to Machu Picchu that the Peruvian government is considering closing the monument all together in order to conserve it for history. This same negative effect of tourism is occurring all over the world!

Find out more about ecotourism, how you can travel responsibly, as well as information on other locations in the world that are in need of large conservation efforts. It’s all about responsible travel! Check out our section on locations in danger and educate yourself on ecotourism through our new section on FrugalMonkey.

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