Many Northerners long for the warm weather and knockabout charm of an Australian vacation. But even with the affordable accommodation offered by Australian youth hostels, the airfares alone put a journey Down Under out of the reach of many frugal travelers. Yet you needn’t starve yourself to afford a little piece of Oz, with many […]

Backpackers have a reputation for being smelly, loudmouthed layabouts. Outsiders might assume that there are no rules in these frugal accommodation establishments, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, no one wants to be painted with this very wide brush, or risk infuriating their fellow hostel dwellers. By following these simple tips […]

Backpackers hoping to enjoy the real Asia without the frills should definitely consider a trip to Vietnam. The country’s tourism industry is relatively new, so it offers visitors a more authentic experience than many Asian nations. These are also not publicized as well as they might be in other countries, so a Vietnam guidebook is […]