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The number one rule of backpacking is to travel light. However it’s important to grab the essentials before you set off on your frugal vacation. In this article we look at the items that should be in every backpacker’s knapsack. The first item on any backpacker’s luggage list must be the backpack itself. Ensure that […]

With all of us feeling the fallout of the financial crisis, backpacking isn’t just for college kids anymore. Don’t let the youth hostel tag scare you off; these budget accommodation options are perfect for anyone looking for a cheap place to lay their head. However adults shouldn’t run headlong into booking their first hostel holiday. […]

As the world continues to recover from the global financial crisis, backpacking is enjoying a resurgence. This frugal vacation style isn’t just for poor students and hippies any more. It’s actually a great way for anyone to save cash while seeing the world. If you’ve ever thought about hostel hopping in Australia, backpacking in New […]

Backpackers have a reputation for being smelly, loudmouthed layabouts. Outsiders might assume that there are no rules in these frugal accommodation establishments, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, no one wants to be painted with this very wide brush, or risk infuriating their fellow hostel dwellers. By following these simple tips […]

If you’ve never left a prized possession behind in a hostel in some far-flung corner of the world, you’ve probably never backpacked. It’s very easy to forget your essentials as you struggle to check out of your room on time, but thanks to the new website Backpack Boomerang, all hope is not lost. While travel […]

If you’re young and a little strapped for cash, forget the luxury Australian islands of Hayman and Hamilton. The Whitsundays destination for you is Koala Adventure Island, the only location in the region which caters exclusively for backpackers and other tourists aged between 18 and 35. Originally called South Molle, Koala Adventure Island is far […]