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Not ready to say goodbye to summer? We aren’t either! This summer has been an amazing season for travel deals and we’re on the lookout for even more.

We have set our sights on finding the perfect mix of Labor Day vacations and last minute summer excursions. Here is what we turned up!

First and foremost don’t forget our summer travel advice regarding last minute flight purchases. Some of the best vacation deals this summer have resulted from last minute vacation purchases. While in the past booking last minute flights would have cost you hundreds, now you can find some of the best deals of the summer through last minute flights. The current state of the travel industry means that airlines are bending over backwards to fill up flights and this translates into some seriously great summer deals. So don’t last minute travel! Even though it is counter intuitive, it could generate big savings.


Expedia is having a Labor Day sale offering over 200 vacation deals and packages. Most of them are for domestic travel throughout the United States with amazing deals for a great summer getaway. For example, we found hotels as cheap as $24 a night! In fact, some of the best deals on the Expedia list are hotel discounts. Take the Sofitel San Francisco Bay Hotel where discounts rates start at $50 a night. That is down from previous hotel packages that could cost as much as $250 a night! Time to book, don’t you think? Lunch in Golden Gate Park does sound inviting…

Other Labor Day Deals

Another great place to find last minute, end of summer deals is through Travelzoo.com.

For starters, right now you can book an incredible Mexico or Caribbean vacation for as little as $49 a person! Both the Sun Village Resort & Spa in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic as well as the Oasis Cancun in Cancun, Mexico have deals starting at $49 a person. That is an incredible price for three-star resorts. Also, check out Travelzoo.com for great cruises to Mexico at incredibly low prices. Hurry though – you must book before the end of the week, even though travel deals are good through December 18, 2009.

Ever wanted to travel to Greece? Interested in vacationing in Athens, Mykonos, or Santorini? Well, with FrugalMonkey’s full travel profile on Greece in addition to the Travelzoo.com deal which offers airfare and 8 nights stay in Greece for only $1,399, you can’t go wrong! This great deal can be accessed directly from Travelzoo.com’s site and is valid through September 13, 2009. This means you can enjoy an almost-perfect, almost-labor day vacation that is the perfect end to your summer travels.

Stay tuned for more great deals this week!

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