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All frugal travelers know that the best things in life are free. Tourists watching their budget take pleasure in the simple things and take time to smell the roses and appreciate the beauty of the world around them. With that in mind, we thought we’d clue prospective jetsetters in on the best sunsets around the […]

I am an advocate of U.S. road trips as a cost-effective and adventurous way to spend one’s summer vacation. One of my favorite things to do while I’m on the road is to enjoy the variety of “natural wonders” the U.S. has to offer. Here are some of my top picks for you to check out the next time you find yourself on the road and in search of some natural beauty. Many lodgings in these areas fill up quickly for the summer months, so I recommend planning your natural getaway in advance

When many people think of Asia they think of shopping up a storm in the cities and discovering the continent’s cultural heritage in temples and museums. But some of Asia’s most interesting attractions are actually outdoors. Just outside Kunming in China you’ll find the Shilin Stone Forest, a forest which really isn’t a forest at […]

If you want to enjoy a driving vacation in Australia, there’s no better stretch of coastline to explore than the Great Ocean Road. The Victorian passage stretches from Geelong to Warnambool. This scenic road is actually the world’s largest war memorial. It took diggers 16 years to build the 241-kilometer road in memory of their […]

The Great Lakes are some of the most impressive U.S. natural wonders. However, they are usually only considered a “destination” for people who live nearby. Here is an overview of each lake and reasons why you should venture to one of their shores for your next frugal adventure.

If you can’t afford an overseas getaway, don’t think you’ve got to spend another year staring at the same four walls. A local road trip is an inexpensive vacation the whole family can enjoy. Read on to discover some of America’s best road trip routes. Explore the Wild West’s National Parks It’ll take you around […]

It’s that time again Frugal Monkey readers, time to shine a spotlight on the best frugal travel articles and blogs we’ve found online. Here are the cyber tidbits that got us talking over the last two weeks. Nomadic Chick – When her desk job and the American Dream started to make her miserable, Jeannie Mark […]

Stopping to admire a cascading waterfall is a great reward for a hard day hiking the trails. And best of all, it doesn’t cost anything to pause and appreciate these natural wonders. In this article we tell you where you can find the world’s 10 best waterfalls. Bridal Veil Waterfall, New Zealand It takes less […]

Many travelers love to get away because they can move from here to there, exploring the world without rules or restriction. Ask one of these free-spirited tourists to create an itinerary and they’ll probably scoff and insist the schedule will only spoil their fun. However, planning your vacation can save you serious dollars and stress. […]

This world is divided into campers and non-campers. The first group relishes getting out amongst the great outdoors and celebrates the time spent together enjoying life’s simple pleasures. The latter group shudders at the thought of “roughing it” and craves creature comforts when they’re away from home. But there are several reasons why anyone who […]