Frugal Monkey’s Web Wrap – 1 March 2013

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It’s that time again Frugal Monkey readers, time to shine a spotlight on the best frugal travel articles and blogs we’ve found online. Here are the cyber tidbits that got us talking over the last two weeks.

    • Nomadic Chick – When her desk job and the American Dream started to make her miserable, Jeannie Mark knew it was time to quit her life. Nomadic Chick chronicles her adventures discovering the big wide world and herself. It’s less clichéd than Eat, Pray, Love, with the addition of some amazing global snaps. Her recent photoessay of the spring festival makes us want to pack our bags and head to China!
    • Experiencing Bad Luck When Traveling @ Otts World – Sherry had us in stitches over her story of bad luck hiking the Patagonian trails. We don’t want to give away too much, but this tale will have you singing duct tape’s praises too. We’ve never thought of it as a travel essential before, but we won’t be leaving home without it from now on!
    • The Top Natural Destinations in China @ Travel Tales From Asia – We love natural wonders here at Frugal Monkey because they’re so affordable to see. Often you can rock up for free; the most you’ll ever pay is a couple of dollars for admission to a national park! Blogger Sarah moved to Asia in the 1980s, so she really knows her stuff. The image of the Nuorilang Waterfall in Jiuzhaigou Valley, or Nine Village Valley as it’s commonly called, is enough to convince us to visit next time we’re in China!
    • Unbrave Girl – Most of us think that travel bloggers are fearless creatures, unafraid to discover new locations, see unfamiliar sites, and pop any unusual item of food in their mouths. But not Sally. She claims to be scared of everything! We probably won’t see any stories about bungee-jumping or abseiling on her travel blog, but her tales of tamer experiences are hilarious nonetheless. She also takes excellent photos, and the advice she insists we “really shouldn’t follow” is much better than she thinks!
    • Tuscan Delights @ Dave’s Travel Corner – As a New Yorker married to an Italian, contributing writer Allison Tibaldi has an insider’s understanding of Tuscany. Her guide to the Italian city’s culinary delights is better than any you’ll find in a traditional travel guide. Solo Ciccia’s six-course beef menu at 30 euros sounds like a real bargain to us!
    • Solo Female Travel with Candice Walsh @ Spunkygirl Monologues – Pamela talks to travel writer Candice Walsh about her solo trips abroad. Candice busts the myth that it’s dangerous for women to travel alone, and shares what she loves about her solo voyage. She’s one spunky girl!

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