Affordable Street Food in Vietnam

in Vietnam

Travelers to Vietnam can eat like kings on shoestring budgets thanks to the popularity of what’s called “street food.” Every day vendors at Vietnam’s markets and roadside stalls serve up tasty Asian dishes that cost less than you’d expect.

You’ll find street food in all of Vietnam’s major centers, from Nha Trang’s fish markets to Saigon’s city streets. Many of the dishes are unfamiliar to Western tourists, but don’t be afraid to be adventurous. The meals cost as little as one American dollar, so you’ve lost very little if you don’t like what’s served. Simply move on to the next stall and sample something else!

Some travelers are concerned about the hygiene of street stalls, but they’re actually very clean. In fact, the conditions are better than you’ll find in some Vietnam’s restaurants, where kitchens are hidden away from prying eyes! As street stalls are so popular, especially with locals and backpackers visiting Vietnam, their fresh food doesn’t sit around waiting for buyers for very long.

Street Food in Vietnam

Street Food in Vietnam

Vietnam’s street stalls serve up a banquet of different local specialties, but there are a few meals you definitely shouldn’t miss. We’ve all had spring rolls before, but the Vietnamese ones are especially good. They’re made from boiled rice wrappers, rather than fried ones, so they’re much healthier than their Chinese counterparts. Vietnam is also famous for its pho, a clear soup flavored with noodles, meats, vegetables, and spices. And when you’re eating on the run grab a bahn mi, a bread roll packed with meat, mayonnaise, and local veggies including pickled carrots, cucumbers, and daikon.

So learn to love street food while in Vietnam. Your bank balance and your taste buds will thank you!

[Image Source: Chelsea Hicks/Flickr]

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