Travelers to Vietnam can eat like kings on shoestring budgets thanks to the popularity of what’s called “street food.” Every day vendors at Vietnam’s markets and roadside stalls serve up tasty Asian dishes that cost less than you’d expect. You’ll find street food in all of Vietnam’s major centers, from Nha Trang’s fish markets to […]

The busy markets of Asian nations like Thailand and Vietnam are a mecca for bargain shoppers, but the culture shock of bargaining can scare some foreign tourists. The process won’t be so daunting if you follow these simple tips. It’s good to get a feel for the markets before you commit to your first purchase. […]

In Thailand farmers and craftsmen don’t take to the streets to sell their wares. They get on the water in the country’s famous floating markets. Here sellers with boats piled high with exotic fruits and vegetables, flowers, and other fresh produce meet fellow traders and barter their wares. It’s colorful and chaotic, but also great […]