Kick Back On The Big Island

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Looking for an amazing summer getaway? Well getaway from it all and travel to Hawaii’s Big Island for fun in the sun with all the adventure you can pack in.

The Big Island has all sorts of adventures perfect for a summer with friends, family or just some alone time.

If you’re looking for some beach time, it’s hard to look past Hapuna Beach. This beach is a crowd favorite and has all kinds of activities near by that are a perfect addition to your island paradise. You can go horseback riding, kayaking, go snorkeling, boogie boarding and more! Enjoying the surf and sand is a big part about visiting Hawaii. Make sure you take in some beach time while you’re on the Big Island. You deserve it!

If a cooler day comes your way, you might be interested in going on a Lava Tour. The Kilauea Volcano has been pooling red lava through a vent on its side everyday for the past two decades and each year tourists flock to see this amazing display of nature. Volcanoes are iconic to Hawaii, so it’s hard to vacation on the Big Island and not take in some of the incredible volcanic sites around the island.

The Big Island is all about fun and the outdoors. Because of its size, it has the largest geographical diversity. Two airports, a number of Hawaiian cruises, lots of tours from the smaller islands and vacation outfitters offer transportation in and around the island.

Golf is another popular pastime during a vacation in Hawaii. The three golf courses on the Big Island are state of the art offering all the challenges, and pleasures of a difficult golf game with a scenic beauty that is hard to beat. Each of the three courses offers something different. Don’t expect to see much of dad on your vacation – he has plenty of golfing to keep him busy!

What might peel him away from the luscious fairways and smooth greens however, is some marine life. If you want to get under the waves, think about a trip to the Coral Reef center in Hilo.

The northwestern island surrounding the Big Island represents some of the best Coral Reef and marine life available for viewing in the United States and the Caribbean. It’s so famous in fact, that National Geographic has done specials on this incredible cluster of islands and nature.

With prices so affordable a great way to visit the Big Island is on a cruise. You can take cruises year round with several leaving from Los Angeles regularly. What is so great about undergoing your Hawaiian vacation on a cruise is that you get to see so much of Hawaii. Instead of being stuck in one place, you can visit all of the islands. Not may people can say that about a 7-night stay in a place like Hawaii with so much to see.

Flights are also very affordable right now. Keep an eye on travel auction sites for incredible deals. You can book round trip tickets from the west coast for around US$300 if you’re lucky. I guess that means the kids can bring a friend, because at prices like these it’s hard to say no.

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