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In today’s economy travel is a luxury many people cut back on. But really, you don’t have to! FrugalMonkey offers travel deals and advice that allows vacationers and backpackers to travel without having to worry over money issues.

By picking cheap or discounted airfares, finding reasonable hotels and hostels and by planning your vacation the right way, you don’t have to miss out on the perfect vacation. Instead, you can be living it!

Europe has been a popular travel destination for years. Backpackers and luxury travelers alike have been bouncing in and out of Europe to see its multitude of cultures, vast landscapes and to experience life in some of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world. Lately however, travel in Europe has lulled as a result largely due to issues in the economy. Travel companies and airlines however, are now offering very reasonable flights from the U.S. to Europe during the winter months – a great time to indulge in some traveling. Many of these deals are featured in newspapers, an excellent place to look for budget travel deals and discount vacation packages. While a large deterrent in traveling to Europe continues to be the dollar’s value against the euro you can easily cut down on travel expenses by purchasing a EuroRail Pass. These passes, which come in a variety of availabilities, allow travelers to move easily between Europe’s many beautiful countries. It is perhaps the most economical way to travel in Europe and will save you potentially thousands in rental car fees and flights.

Thailand is another very popular tourist location and is steadily increasing in popularity. The beauty of the country and the exoticness of the people and landscape are hard to pass up. However, in light of recent airport closures and political issues in the region, it is losing its allure to these travel annoyances.

These issues taking place in Thailand are very concentrated in only a few specific areas and can easily be avoided by planning trips that avoid these travel ‘hot spots.’ However, while these travel pitfalls and fears are very easy to avoid it has slowed tourism to Thailand, a country where the economy relies heavily on the money and attention foreigners who travel bring to the area. As such there are some excellent travel deals emerging from Thailand where airfare and hotels can be found at practically a steal! While travelers need to always keep in mind the possibility of airport closures and other travel annoyances, there is a serious silver lining to be taken advantage of as a result. Put frankly, there are plenty of open airports in Thailand as well as surrounding areas and this region is a world traveler’s must see. Take advantage of these deals now!

Aside from going overseas travelers look at the many beautiful places that can be found on U.S. soils as well. Hawaii is one particularly popular travel location that is a favorite among U.S. citizens and world travelers alike. Not only known for its pristine beaches and beautiful locale the Hawaiian Islands, until recently, have been known for being a rather expensive vacation spot; hardly a haven for the budget traveler. However, with its recent slow in tourism hotels in Hawaii are now offering hotel-packages way below normal prices! This practically never happens and is the perfect time to see a place budget travelers would otherwise not be able to afford. FrugalMonkey has an entire section dedicated specifically to travel in Hawaii; an excellent place to learn more about travel and savings in this beautiful and famous travel friendly location.

Check back each week for more travel and budget friendly advice from FrugalMonkey!

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