Save Money at Australia’s Pubs & Clubs

in Australia

Knocking back a few beers in an Aussie pub or club is the Australian way, but long nights spent drinking can quickly drain your holiday budget. Here are a few tips for saving cash while enjoying this time-honored Australian tradition.

Do as the locals do, and pass over a Corona or a Heineken for a good Aussie beer. Drops from Tooheys, VB, and XXXX taste just as good as the imported stuff, but they’re available at a fraction of the cost.

Look out for happy hours and other discount deals in local pubs. There are often cheap beers and two-for-one cocktails to entice workers to indulge in a few bevvies after quitting time. australia beer photo

And finally, why not enjoy a good night in? Drinks from the local bottle shop are far cheaper than at the bars. And you can save even more if you’re willing to brave the wine boxes known as goon, a cleanskin bottle, or cheap bubbles called Passion Pop. Just make sure you keep the festivities down to avoid disturbing other hotel guests!

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