Australia’s Best Beaches You’ve Never Heard Of

in Australia

Australia is famous for many things including its cuddly wildlife, its friendly locals, and its white sandy beaches. Whether you want to catch some waves or perfect your tan, chances are you’ll spend some part of your getaway Down Under enjoying the sun, surf, and sand. Bondi Beach and the coastline of Surfers Paradise grab all the headlines, but the best beaches in Australia are much lower key. If you want to beat the crowds and hang with the locals, here are a few breaks to consider.

Whitehaven Beach in Queensland

Whitehaven Beach in Queensland

Whitehaven Beach is one of the most isolated, and most breathtaking, beaches in Queensland. You’ll need to hop a 15-minute flight to Airlie Beach to reach this picturesque spot located on the eastern side of Whitsunday Island. But the journey is worth it for the miles of pristine white sand which stretch before you. This is a special location in the popular Whitsundays tourist stretch, a place clear of resorts and foot traffic.

Three hours from Sydney’s tourist track you’ll find Hyams Beach, a Jervis Bay beach that is every bit as beautiful as is innercity counterparts. In fact, the Guinness Book of Records says the sand at Hyams Beach is the whitest in the world. Less than 100 people live in the seaside village, which is a big reason behind its appeal. Without the crowds of these more popular spots, Hyams is teeming with wildlife. If you’re after more sun and sand, visit Chinaman’s Beach to the north and Seaman’s Beach to the south.

Bells Beach is the most well known of the beaches on this list, but it deserves its place. Many say that the beach has the most perfect waves in the world, and the surfers who participate in the annual Rip Curl Pro competition probably wouldn’t disagree.

There's a reason why Patrick Swayze's character in Point Break made a pilgrimage to this Australian locale! When it comes to beaches, the East Coast tends to get all of the attention, but that simply means that the locals are free to enjoy the beauty of Western Australia's Cable Beach uninterrupted. Drive 10 minutes from Broome and you'll stumble across this tropical seaside haven. If you want to linger a little longer make sure you check out the beachside bungalows and deluxe suites of Cable Beach Club Resort. Tasmania is a state more famous for its chilly weather and lush mountain landscapes than its beaches, but it's also home to Wineglass Bay. While it sounds like a place to sample Tasmania's iconic pinot noir, Wineglass Beach has some of the clearest waters and whitest sands in the country. It's ideal for children, as they can spot easily shells in the transparent sheltered waters. There's nothing wrong with visiting the most popular tourist beaches, but if you want to relax by the ocean consider taking the path less traveled.

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