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What type of travel deals are at your fingertips today? FrugalMonkey wants you to be able to book the cheapest and highest quality vacations possible for your Easter weekend, summer vacation or honeymoon.

Check out this week’s killer deals including cheap airfares, great hotel deals and vacation packages.

Seattle to Reykjavik
Most of the time, if you live in the northwest you want to go south for your vacation. But right now it’s hard to ignore some of the amazing airfare deals that will send you north this summer. Icelandic Air just issued a press conference stating that starting July 22 flights will now be offered from Seattle to Reykjavik. Iceland is in desperate need of an increase in tourism since their financial crash. So take advantage of the growing travel deals and travel to the green and glacier filled Iceland for the longest and most beautiful summer days of your life!

The Secret Is In San Francisco
You don’t always have to travel to Greece in order to have an amazing getaway. Stay stateside and visit some of the most interesting cities in the world. Take San Francisco for example.

Right now, the Orchard Hotels are offering room stays at only $1 for the month of April. Only two rooms are available per night during this promotional offer, but, if you go to the hotel’s site and type in ‘Fool’ in the promotional code you will have your pick of the $1 day deal. Do it quickly though! Your trip to San Francisco will only be this cheap while rooms are available.

Need Some Help Planning?
If you need some help planning your next vacation, don’t forget the travel auction websites like eBay. Right now they are expanding their services to offer reviews on over 70,000 houses, vacation rentals and condos. In addition to this, new travel calendars will be available to help you most accurately plan just how expensive your dream vacation will be. This will come in handy when you factor in the constantly changing airfares and exchange rates. Get help with your trip planning by checking in on FrugalMonkey and taking advantage of aids like Trip Advisor.

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