How Will Airports and Flying Change in 2009?

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FrugalMonkey reports on the five major ways in which flying will change in 2009.

At the turn of 2008 into 2009 the outlook on how things will change in the upcoming year becomes a popular topic of conversation. As such, FrugalMonkey is here to discuss what you’re likely to see in when it comes to changes that will affect travel in airports in 2009.

Yahoo recently unveiled the 5 biggest changes passengers are likely to see when traveling. It’s pertinent and important information for anyone making international travel plans. Here was what they had to say:

It can be quite a hassle trying to get through security with carry on luggage. Making sure your liquids abide by the 3-1-1 rule and that all things appropriate for carry on are safely stowed away in plastic bags. Since this rule was instigated, water cannot be brought through security and other items such as perfumes or nail polishes are commonly confiscated due to strict airport security. In 2009 however, new x-ray machines will begin phasing into popular airports. 900 of them in fact, will replace older models. These new machines can tell the difference between hazardous and dangerous liquids and will eliminate the need to put liquids in plastic bags and won’t require passengers to monitor the amount of liquid you bring through security.

Merging Airlines
In 2008, Delta and Northwest Airlines announced a merger. This means frequent flyer miles, passenger benefits and name changes will all ensue. While a great deal of the merger may not be in full effect until 2010 it will certainly change the face of popularly known airlines that have been in business for years.

Pricing Changes
While a large portion of the discussion on the matter is yet to be hammered out, American and Frontier airlines are looking into pricing changes for seats in 2009. Pricing differences like classifying seats, charging more for check-ins, on board media and refund availability are just a few of the ways seat prices may change. With the uproar regarding new fees in 2008 among international travelers going to Europe, Australia and other distant locations, this pricing scheme isn’t likely to make travelers jump for joy.

Airlines like Delta, American and Virgin have all made promises to include Internet on flights in 2009. Others have also made plans to start phasing in flights that provide use of the Internet.

Paperless Boarding Passes
With the popularity of e-tickets and online check-in comes the next wave of electronic features for passengers. Electronic boarding passes that can be uploaded to PDA’s and cell phones will now allow passengers to scan bar codes without having to bother with print outs. Some airlines have already experimented with paperless boarding passes and a number of airlines have made official plans to do so in 2009.

While many of these changes in flying and airport security will begin in 2009, they won’t likely be widespread for several years. Changes like Internet on flights can be expected to take place quickly. Others however, may take longer to test out, price sufficiently and then put into action. Nevertheless, the face of flying will be seeing more changes as 2009 moves into full steam.

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