Some Great Ways To Save on Travel Transportation

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Check out these great tips that will help you save on transportation when you travel.

When you’re going on a vacation, transportation and hotel costs are typically some of the most expensive.

By following some of these simple tips you can save money on transportation and cut your travel bill down by hundreds of dollars. Here’s how.

One of the largest travel costs involving transportation are flights. Just getting to where you want to be can easily cost you thousands of dollars per person. Here are just a few ways to cut down on those pesky air fares. When you’re booking flights online, try to utilize the travel deals that are out there. First, search for travel deals from your location to destination. By using travel auction sites like Travelocity, Orbitz, Kayak, Expedia and others you can find great travel deals among airlines for your specific destination. If you find that one airline offers especially low fares via a travel auction site, then try booking the flight directly from the airline instead. It may be that they are having a promotion or, due to their airline hubs and flight patterns, can offer you the cheapest deal. Additionally, right now flight costs are at an all time low so don’t settle for something mediocre. Keep an eye out for travel deals and promotions that will knock hundreds of dollars off your domestic and international airfares. For example, just last week Southwest Airlines was offering 50% of flights to and from the Bay Area for one day only. Finding deals like these and taking advantage of them is a great way to cut down your travel costs.

Another way to save on last minute airfares is to travel as an air courier. Many people don’t consider this non-traditional way to fly as a viable option, but it can often times provide you with incredible travel discounts. For more information on traveling as an air courier, check out our section on cheap airfares and find out more about how to become an air courier and reap the benefits of cheap travel.

If you need to rent a car, you’re going to see your travel costs go up.

Before booking your rental car consider your public transportation resources. If you’re traveling long distances there may be a bus or train that can get you there in a reasonable amount of time at much lower costs. This is also a more eco-friendly way to travel and saves the environment from mass travel car emissions. Rail passes such as the Euro Rail and Amtrak passes allow you to travel within many locations for one low price. This is a great way to save money on car rentals. Another excellent trick is to look for car rental promotion coupons online before booking the car. It is possible to find amazing discounts on car rentals by just implementing a little bit of travel savvy into your search.

By simply taking the time to research your travel options you can easily save money on your trip. You might find that a few minutes online or speaking with a travel representative from your airline could mean hundreds of dollars off the total cost of your trip. You don’t have to skimp on quality by finding lower prices. Find out more about budget travel on FrugalMonkey and find weekly travel deals by checking back to our blog.

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