Here are some general tips and resources for making the most out of student discounts while studying, traveling or living abroad (many of these student discounts also apply to students living in the U.S.).

One of the most expensive aspects of travel is lodging. Hotel stays can really start to add up after a week or two. There are many alternative lodging options available to help frugal travelers cut costs. Of course, one of the cheapest of these is staying with an acquaintance, friend or family member (because it is usually free). It’s true that host/guest expectations can vary widely depending on relationships, work schedules, and numerous other variables. Here are some general tips to assure that your stay goes smoothly and improve your chances of being invited to come stay again.

Even if you have set a budget ahead of time, it is easy to end up spending way more money than you would have ever imagined on your vacation, especially if you’re traveling abroad. Here are some tried and true frugal travel tips to help you enjoy your next trip without breaking the bank. Be […]

Tired of spending the big bucks on mediocre hotels? Looking for a more personal and flexible lodging option? Going on vacation with several couples or families and looking for a comfortable shared rental? I strongly suggest trying a vacation condo rental on your next trip. Due to the crash in the housing market, there are […]