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We were all dreaming of a white Christmas, but now the holiday is over the chill of winter is beginning to grate. So why are you putting up with it? A vacation in Greece is a great way to escape the cold, and with plenty of free attractions it won’t cost as much as you […]

Students, you’re already shelling out enough money when it comes to books, housing, and tuition, so don’t get caught overspending when it comes to travel too! College students are among one of the largest percentages of those who travel. Study abroad programs, long summer vacations, or even a semester off from school provides the perfect […]

Can you image a more beautiful vacation than seeing the shorelines and enjoying the sun in Greece? FrugalMonkey’s section on Greece travel will tell you all you need to know about booking your flight, where to stay, what to eat as well as what to see and do. Whether it be a tour of the […]