As global warming continues to take its toll, travelers want to be sure that discovering the planet won’t ruin it for future generations. Ecotourism is an exciting new trend, but sustainable lodging and vacation packages can often cost a bomb. Happily though, you don’t need to invest in expensive accommodation and extras to vacation a […]

Luxury and an eco-friendly ethos go hand in hand at Evason Resort in Thailand’s tropical paradise, Phuket. It was even built inside the unused shell of an old building, making its creation the ultimate in recycling! The 64-acre property was designed to make the most of Phuket’s natural surrounds. It’s set amongst tropical parklands and […]

The treehouses of Vythiri Resort in North Kerala, India, capture the magic of childhood for the environmentally conscious world. The resort has two treehouses in 500 acres of private forest. The rustic elevated dwellings have two stories, with each floor housing a double room. Each has a bedroom, a bathroom, and a terrace which allows […]