Bali travel

A downturn in tourism numbers makes Bali an affordable destination for a family vacation. With bargains at every turn and a host of family-friendly attractions, there’s never been a better time to visit. Where to Stay Family-friendly accommodation is easy to find across Bali. The country’s resorts welcome children with extras like complimentary kids’ clubs, […]

In her bestselling book Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert painted a picture of Bali as little more than a sweet place to fall in love. While this might have been the writer’s experience, it doesn’t tell the whole story of this Indonesian island. While Gilbert was seeing little more than the bedroom, she was missing […]

A long soak in a jacuzzi and a luxurious massage sounds like the sort of vacation experiences out of the reach of frugal travelers. But why should budget conscious tourists miss out on all the fun? This article introduces you to several spa resorts that cost a lot less than you’d think. If you’re looking […]